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May 18, 2012
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Transcription of video - Oda drawing by Sunnitta Transcription of video - Oda drawing by Sunnitta

This is a english transcription from video. I don't translate nothing, I just copied what was in the video!
The transcription have the steps to drawing more the a interview.
Note: I checked it and I hope the text is well written. Some parts were slightly blurry in the video and I had to look several times the video. Also, my native language isn't English, so I could have been mistaken in some adverb or something. Any spelling or writing, please let me know.

Title: Eiichiro Oda "One Piece": How to make color ilustrations

[Rough] Decide the basic layout
Question: What's the feeling at the draft stage?
Oda: I don't think much about wheter the lines are going right. When I'm drawing, I try to think about the characters think, and getting the expresions right is important. Where my pen goes doesn't matter.

[Pencils]Draw a draft in pencil over the rough.
(The pencils are complete)
Oda: Before inking with a G-pen, simply use an eraser to make the pencil lines fainter.

[Inking]Draw the outline in ink with the G-pen.
Question: What do you think when you work?
Oda: As I draw, I think, "What is this character thinking about in the situation?" and, "If the character is doing this, what should be around him?"
So pictures of a character who is not thinking anything but simply striking a pose feel wrong and I'm not good at them.I'd like the people who view the picture to think, "What's going on here?" . I would like them to stop and use their imagination, and to spend a time looking at it.
(The inking is complete)

[Shading] Color the black parts in with a marker pen.
Question: Any message for young people who want to be a mangaka?
Oda: Basically, the media of manga in pointless if people don't enjoy it. If you want to become a mangaka, be prepared to spend a lot of time on it, and make sure you try to make people enjoy your work.

[Coloring Characters] Use colored pens called "Copics" to put in the color.
Question: What do you need to watch out for when coloring?
Oda: No to go over the lines, I guess. Also, for a normal color picture, use lots of color.

Question: You are coloring the skin first, is there a specific order to the coloring?
Oda: I'ts not fixed, but I color the skin first. It's an important part, so I can feel relaxed. Also, If there are a lot of characters, since the skin colors are almost the same, coloring it all at once brings out the mood of the picture.

Question: Is it better to colot with "Copics" than use a computer?
Oda: Copics are better, I think. Also, I'm not used to using computers. Even If I was, pictures colored by computer are boring, aren't they?
The shading is all the same. In fact, various tecniques have been developed, but in the end, they all have a rhythm so that the shading always looks artificial to the human eye. I've always done ONE PIECE this way. I think readers would be unhappy if I suddenly changed. As long as I'm drawing ONE PIECE, I'll do it this way.

Question: Do you like the coloring Stage?
Oda: It's fun.

Question: Is there anything you are careful of when coloring?
Oda: Nothing in particular, but... I'm mindful of things with different textures, such as skin and hats. Red is a good color for Luffy's clothes, don't you think?
Question: What image do you have?
Oda: I guess my image is red. The characters have set colors.

Question: Are you influenced by any other artists in terms of coloring styles? Do yo have a favourite?
Oda: I like all the artists I liked when I was child, but I don't really take inspiration from anyone. I don't have a stronger desire than anyone else to color beautifully. I think the most important thing is the feeling.

Question: How old were you when you started to draw manga?
Oda: I was drawing manga-like things in elementary school.
Question: Did you already want to be a mangaka at that age?
Oda: I decided that when I was four. I liked pictures, and I found out that there were adults who drew manga for fun and the heard that there were adults who draw manga all day and get paid!

Question: And that's why you decided to become a mangaka?
Oda: I thought that if there was such an enyoyable job then I had to become one.
I heard that there were people who didn't need go out early everyday to work and then come home late, but could just draw manga at home. I know I had to go for it. Well, at the time, I didn't realize how tough being a mangaka was.

[Coloring Background]
Oda: You have to color the sky many times, or else it will appear patchy. The simpler an area is, the more coloring it will need. I used to think it was impossible to color sky without it getting patchy, and so I'd always draw with a pure white sky. That's why my early illustrations all have white sky. At same point I forced myself to color it.

Question: What do you care about most when you're coloring?
Oda: Vividness. Color usage that is fun to look at. For large pictures, I always draw small test copies on separate sheets, and try coloring them many times. The I choose the best, most fun color and start to paint.

[Finish Touches]
Oda: At the final stage, white pencil or paint is used to make small corrections and finalize the art.

Question: What are you doing now?
Oda: I'm adding a little shine and lighter areas, to give more depth to the picture.
Question: Is that a normal white pencil?
Oda: Normal colored pencils won't show up above Copic, so I tried many types.

Okay, I'ts done.

(End of video)


In Resume, the steps (order) of Oda to make color drawings:

1. Rough : Decide the basic layout
2. Pencils : Draw a draft in pencil over the rough.
3. Inking : Draw the outline in ink with the G-pen.
4. Shading : Color the black parts in with a marker pen.
5. Coloring characters: Use colored pens called "Copics" to put in the color. (Oda starts pinting the skin and he doesn't use computers to color)
6. Coloring background: Color the sky many times, or else it will appear patchy.
7. Finish touches: At the final stage, white pencil or paint is used to make small corrections and finalize the art.

IMO, I don't understand why many people say that Oda make "bad drawings"​​ (or little elaborated). He will not draw as Takehiko Inoue (I've seen that comparison), but Oda is an artist very worried about what he does, he loves his work and he doesn't want to disappoint their fans. I love this drawing style.

The favourite phrase from Oda in this video: "I think the most important thing is the feeling."

I hope than help you this. I don't mean anything more than that.


Para mis amigos hispanohablantes:

Lo que hice fue una transcripción del video en el que Oda dibuja. Sólo copié lo que decía allí, yo no traduje nada (para aclarar las cosas)
Si alguien encuentra algún error ortográfico o de escritura, me avisa (Algunas palabras se veían borrosas y tuve que ver el video varias veces; también se suma el hecho de que el inglés no es mi idioma original xD)
Quizás lo traduzca al español más adelante, pero en este momento no porque estoy enferma (lo siento u_u)

Sobre lo otro que dije, fue que, en mi opinión, no entiendo por qué varias personas dicen que Oda no hace dibujos tan elaborados. El no dibujará como Takehiko Inoue (Slam Dunk, Vagabond), pero Oda como se ve en el video, Oda es un artista que se preocupa por lo que hace, que ama su trabajo y que no quiere defraudar a sus fans. Amo su estilo de dibujo.
Mi frase favorita del video es: "I think the most important thing is the feeling." (Pienso que la cosa más importante es el sentimiento)

Ojalá les ayude
Que lo disfruten!

Abrazos !!!!
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